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Welome Stranger

Posted on 2027.07.03 at 00:00
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hey there and welcome to my journal :)

wanna talk to me or tell me something not related to one specific post? do it here!
make yourself at home and feel welcomed :)


you came for something specific? here are a few links :)

my concert reviews
my icons
my winning icon banners


trav_ava at 2007-04-12 17:29 (UTC) (Read)
hey ich habs nun endlich mit dem msn hinbekommen. wie heißt du denn?
callili at 2007-04-12 17:31 (UTC) (Read)
ich bin bei msn mit meiner e-mail adresse calligraphy@web.de angemeldet. allerdings spinnt der msn bei mir in letzter zeit dermaßen häufig, dass ich wharscheinlich auf icq umsteige ^^
trav_ava at 2007-04-12 21:26 (UTC) (Read)
ja icq is irgendwie besser für meinen langssamen computer
sag bescheid, wenn du es machst!
callili at 2007-04-12 21:28 (UTC) (Read)
ich hab mich angemeldet, meine nummer ist 391874578 :) werd aber wohl immer nur angemeldet sein, wenn msn grad wieder mal spinnt XD ich find icq nämlich extremst nervig ^^ außerdem liebe ich meine msn smileys zu sehr ^^
trav_ava at 2007-04-12 21:34 (UTC) (Read)
okay verständlich
rockerilla at 2007-05-04 21:07 (UTC) (Read)
hey! i just want to say hello and introduce myself! my name is Bea and i've just added you as friend...i come from italy and i love 30 seconds to mars, rock n roll, harry potter and a lot of other things...! :-)

callili at 2007-05-05 08:46 (UTC) (Read)
enjoy your stay here ^^
acustica at 2007-05-13 04:26 (UTC) (Read)
hey there, I was wondering where u got the pic for ur profile icon, it's gorgeous!!

haha it specifically said not to steal so I didn't, but I really love it, u did an amazing job :)
callili at 2007-05-13 09:56 (UTC) (Read)
thank you very much :) as I'm quite proud of that icon myself, I would like to keep this version to myself, but there's a "public" version of that same icon, too ;)

feel free to use that, if you want to :)
and here's the original pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v220/calligraphy/jared%20leto/Kmag-April14.jpg
acustica at 2007-05-14 00:56 (UTC) (Read)
aww thankies!!!!

but where's that picture from? are there similars ones? is it like a photoshoot. cause he looks absolutely gorgeous btw.

ps- I'mma add u, we seem to have something in common(jared love!) jajaja I'm gabs :)
callili at 2007-05-14 15:13 (UTC) (Read)
hm, I just got that pic from jared-leto.org... there's another one with a slightly different agnle, and jared's not looking right into the camera (it's the pic in my header) I can upload that, too, if you want :)
I really love these pics/photoshoot/whatever, too. that's why I used it for my header and main-icon :D
I'm adding you back ;)
mi_shelli at 2007-06-06 17:04 (UTC) (Read)
Hey! First of all, I'd like to say that you have a very nice lj. =]
The reason I'm here is that I'd like to ask you if I can put your pics and videos from this post http://callili.livejournal.com/13372.html#cutid1 on www.jared-leto.org. You'll be credit, of course! =]
callili at 2007-06-06 17:15 (UTC) (Read)
you sure you really mean http://www.jared-leto.org/ ? because I thought priscilla was the only person running this site, and she doesn't goes around asking people for their pictures, as far as I know...
mi_shelli at 2007-06-06 17:18 (UTC) (Read)
she's my friend. I'm Michelle, and she calls me "Mi" in some of her posts (like in the Pinkpop videos one).
And she, she doesn't goes around asking for pictures, but I really liked your pictures and showed them to her, so here I am asking you for them =)
callili at 2007-06-06 17:19 (UTC) (Read)
ah, ok then :)
yeah, you can use them if you want to :) I'm really glad you liked them enough to go through all this trouble ;)
(Anonymous) at 2007-06-06 17:26 (UTC) (Read)
lol it's not a big deal. the pictures totally worth it! =]
thank you, and I'll let you know when she put your pics there.
takeme_teaseme at 2007-07-03 02:08 (UTC) (Read)
HI! =) How are you? I would like to say Happy Early Birthday. ha ha. I know we don't know each other that well but this could be a start right?
callili at 2007-07-03 08:32 (UTC) (Read)
thank you so much *snuggles* my birthday started great, and it seems it'll stay this way ^^
I like starts in friendships =)
takeme_teaseme at 2007-07-03 18:32 (UTC) (Read)
Well hope your day is great. Presents and Cake?
he he.

I do too. =)
(Deleted comment)
callili at 2007-07-03 16:43 (UTC) (Read)
thank you =)
miss_newyork at 2007-07-21 07:40 (UTC) (Read)
hi there, I found tons of my icons hotlinked in a forum, and there were a lot of yours, too: http://boyzaddicted.frbb.net/BoyZAddicted-Top5-du-moment-c1/Jared-Leto-f33/Mediatheque-f97/Jared-Icons-t1183-315.htm
callili at 2007-07-22 13:04 (UTC) (Read)
hey, thanks for notifying me, but as far as i can see my icons are (no longer?) actually hotlinked. they are all hosted an a photobucket account called echelon_morry.
darkkiddenn at 2008-01-28 08:42 (UTC) (Read)

common ground

Hey...Came across your page and decided to post ya a little comment.. Actually we have something in common... that would be 30 seconds to Mars!!!! Yes, one of my favorite bands... I saw them in San Francisco, California with Senses Fail, The Used, and Chiodos....It was the Taste of Chaos tour... Fuckin amazing it was...Jared Leto is an amazing performer...
If you wanna shoot me back a message that would be awesome..I'm new at this so its all pretty new..
much love..
acustica at 2008-01-30 23:28 (UTC) (Read)
hey I have you on my f-list but I'm not on yours :( add me?? =)
callili at 2008-01-31 08:30 (UTC) (Read)
you were of my f-list, but right now I'm in the process of thining out my f-list. not cause I don't like you aynthing like that, it's just that my friends page got too big.
✖ London calling... ✖
jussy_baby at 2008-06-18 17:46 (UTC) (Read)
Huhu! Bin grad meine F-List durchgegangen und hab gesehen, dass nur ich dich als Freund geadded hab. LEIDER! Wollen wir das ändern. ;) Kennen wirst du mich sicherlich, oder? ;)
callili at 2008-06-18 19:18 (UTC) (Read)
hey du =) ich würd jetzt mal darauf tippen, dass du auch vom qaf-board bist. da ich schon vor ner ganzen weile fandom gewechselt hab, hab ich nicht mehr viel qaf leute auf meiner friends list. wenn ich mir das mal so angucke überscheiden sich unsere interessen auch sonst nicht wirklich. und ich bin eh keine gute comments schreiberin ;) aber auf deiner list kannst mich natürlich trotzdem behalten, auch wenn ich net viel hier reinschreibe ^^
✖ London calling... ✖
jussy_baby at 2008-06-18 20:11 (UTC) (Read)
Ja, wir kennen uns aus dem QaF-Forum. Das ist richtig. Ich versteh dich, dass du das Fandom gewechselt hast. Seit die Serie nicht mehr ausgestrahlt wird, ist eh alles darüber ein wenig eingeschlafen. Also, ich würde dich gern weiterhin auf meiner FList "behalten", damit ich die wenigen Entries von dir mitverfolgen kann. ;)
delmarsdoll at 2009-07-31 17:16 (UTC) (Read)
I have a copy of Killing Time for you. Two others have requested a copy as well, so get back with me within 24 hours.
jerseygirl1986 at 2011-01-04 13:30 (UTC) (Read)
Hi, I found your page via myth my kynx (yay, another mars fic lover, especially anything shanimal related...*does happy dance*) and thought I'd take a look round here. I see music is a big thing to you (your reviews), well mine too! Ive been to 14 shows in the last twelve months..I've added you to my friends list, hope thats ok!

callili at 2011-01-04 15:50 (UTC) (Read)
hello there and thanks for adding me =) but I fear that I've not been using lifejournal for writing anything at all in the last... year or so. so there probably won't be much new stuff around here.
wow, 14 shows in a year is quite impressive ;) haven't been able to do that ^^
jerseygirl1986 at 2011-01-04 15:55 (UTC) (Read)
Hi again
Yeah, its a lot I know, and what really drove my folks nuts was that they were all for the same band! I dont think I'm somehow gonna be able to repeat that feat this year though :-(
And I had an LJ for like two years before I restarted blogging stuff so I know exactly what ya mean about not postin much for ages!!
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