Linkin Park Berlin 20.10.2010

Once again it was the perfect concert.

I'm not in the mood for a full review, so I'll just post my highlights (or just stuff I remember).
- my boyfriend was with me, and we managed front row (he stood behind me). it was wonderful to not have a complete stranger behind me, but rather someone who I could lean into and share my love with <3
- I met tia and lea again. and lost them when the doors opened :(
- first song was horribe and when that finished, mike spit on us :/ well, he made a fountain of a mouthfull of water and showered us with that... he spit on us.
- brad's jeans apparently were too loose. they kept falling over his ass, baring his white boxers strechting tightly over his asscrack xD I saw him several times pulling them up again, which always amused me way too much ^^
- chester went into the crowd right in front of me (again <3). instead of trying to grab him, this time I simply hold onto his hand, helping him keep his balance. I squeezed several times and he always squeezed back <3 he had his head right beside mine and I just absorbed him singing intently. it was pure love and very intense for me
- brad, chester and mike (in several combinations) stood right in front of me on the stage, often staring right at us in the front row, watching us sing along. they were so close, I could see chester having goosebumps during an emotional song from the new album
- brad was wearing headphones made of little strass stones, bearing the LP symbol. they looked like the symbol easily could have been the "hello kitty" head ^^ absolutely cute and adorable
- the LP camera guy gave me a plectrum right before the show started. already made my day <3 the plectrum is white and has "linkin park" written on it. I will probably make a necklace out of it
- I barely saw phoenix. rob was completely invisible to me. only glimpse I got of him was when they said goodbye to the crowd at the end of the show
- mr. hahn now has a cool ponytail, which looks very samurai-like

all in all I was having the time of my life (again <3), completely going crazy, dancing and screaming and singing along like woah and spending more energy than I had. I'm sure I'll be paying for it tommorrow, but it is so so worth it. and more.

oh my gosh how I love concerts <3
Jack Sparrow

got tagged :P


People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

tagging whoever wants to do it :P

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screw canon


*sigh* damn, couldn't resist. I'm now on twitter, too ^^ tell me your names on twitter, pretty please? thirteen I already found you *g*
oh, btw, I'm callili there, too. I love my nickname, it's always still free ^^
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ian malcolm

Morrissey anyone?

I think I may be going to the Morrissey gig in berlin in june. I just started to explore the music at all, but I like what I hear. Very much so. So, has anybody experiences or opinions? btw, the gig's gonna be horribly expensive, 55 euro for one ticket :/ but it's in the columbiahalle, a rather small venue, that I have positive experiences with.

EDIT: I just bought my ticket =) it's gonna be my next concert, even if it's so far away :/ hopefully some other concerts will come up, too ;)
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cheshire cat

I belong in Disneyland

hey guys, I just got back from my christmas holidays spent in Disneyland Paris. it was m< 23th visit there ♥ yes, I know you all think I'm crazy, but this wonderful icon sums it up pretty well:

so, if you'd like to see some pics, come with me behind the cut
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got tagged :P

Welcome to the 2008 edition of getting to know your friends! Try not to be lame and spoil the fun! If you get tagged, copy this entire survey and paste into your own blog, change all of the answers so that they apply to you. Then visit the profiles of some of your friends and “Tag” them by simply leaving a comment, asking them to visit your blog, and state that they have been Tagged! The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends that you might not have known! Some of you may get tagged several times, so they can always refer back to your blog for your answers.

I tag memnoch and sigelfire ;) have fun, ladies

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